Moodboard: Rustic Glam

Shabby glam moodboard- love the hand lettering and rustic chic look of this branding! Shabby glam moodboard- love the hand lettering and rustic chic look of this branding!

I’m working with a client right now, who purchased my total package- full branding and blog design. I created this mood board in the beginning of our process, and just needed to share it! I love the dark and light, hand written details, and pops of color.

More to come next week as I finish up the branding and start on the web design! If you find that you’re brand needs a makeover, or you’re just starting out and want to consult with me, feel free to check out my design packages and contact me with any questions!

5 Tips To Help You Be More Productive… Tomorrow

5 tips to help you be more productive...tomorrow


Research shows that creative people daydream more often. We’ve been told since we were little to pay attention, and stop day dreaming. But research suggests that it’s actually a big part of the creative process. Ever have an idea pop into your head out of nowhere while you’re grocery shopping, or walking the dog? Daydreaming can serve as a sort of incubation period for ideas that you didn’t even know your brain was forming!

2. Just Be.

Solitude is not a problem for me- I’m a happy introvert, and love time alone. But for some people, being alone for too long can cause those anxious feelings of “missing out”. If you find yourself bored, uninspired, with nothing to do- practice just being alone. This kind of goes back to the day-dreaming tip. Sometimes you need time to let your mind wander instead of jumping from one person to the next looking for entertainment in them. Slow down and enjoy your own company.

3. Accept that tomorrow is another day.

Maybe you’ve been alone day-dreaming all day, and you’re like, yeah? Now what? I want to do something productive today! Then get up and do something!

Here’s a list of things to get up and do right now:

  • Do 10 jumping jacks
  • Take your dog for a walk
  • Teach your dog a new trick
  • Go buy a dog
  • Go take pictures of weird places in your town
  • Call a friend and get ice cream during a snowstorm
  • Call a friend, go to the bar, and day drink
  • Write your SO a love note
  • Buy some fresh flowers and photograph them
  • Look up the meaning of flowers that you bought
  • Make some jewelry
  • Knit a coffee cup cozy
  • Go to Starbucks and use your new coffee cup cozy
  • Learn to do a new type of art
  • Take a skillshare or Craftsy class
  • Scrub your microwave- then call a friend to go to the bar and day drink

  • You get the idea…. there are always things to do

But, if in your heart you know that it’s just not going to happen today no matter what the internet tells you about being productive, then just take a damn nap. Tomorrow will happen and it will be awesome. Don’t worry.

Days like these happen to me a lot, and about 2 years ago I started to notice the pattern. These days always occur for me on rainy or cloudy days. On gray days I am sleepy, wistful, and fuzzy minded. Living in Ohio where we see only about 68-100 sunny days a year, this becomes a real problem, but identifying that pattern has helped me get over it (most days). Try to look at patterns that make you fuzzy- did you just eat a whole mess of Taco Bell? Maybe that’s why you feel like shit? (not judging here- I love a Nachos Bell Grande every now and again) Or maybe it’s just cloudy outside. You can’t control the weather, and yes, sometimes you can control your reaction to it. But if you just can’t today, then put your PJ’s on and read a book, blog, or take a nap. Your brain can do some great things while you sleep.

4. Soak up inspiration from the comfort of your couch. 

Start organizing your ideas for tomorrow. Make a pinterest board, make a list of blog posts you want to write, make a list of things you have to do around the house, make a grocery list with ingredients of recipes from your pinterest board. Even if the only thing on your list for tomorrow is “Make a list” then you will feel more comfortable letting go for the day, and probably wake up tomorrow ready to fill that list with all of your awesome ideas. I promise they’re in there- just not today!

5. Read blog post after blog post about how to get inspired, and be productive.

No- seriously. It might not kick in today, but you will find some information that you can use later. Even if you’re not exactly in gung-ho work mode, your brain can still soak up information. Basically, our brains aren’t meant to work on our schedule all the time. They require some down time now and again.

This post is not meant to inspire you- today. It’s meant to tell you that it’s ok not to be inspired sometimes.  It doesn’t mean that your brain is broken, or that you aren’t as creative as those who you admire. We all have these days, some people just don’t talk about it. Creativity requires a lot, and sometimes our brains just aren’t up to the task on a particular day. If you find yourself experiencing days like this very often, it might be a good idea to make some further assessments about things in your life that could be causing this fuzziess. But if it’s just one of those days where you’re just not feelin it, don’t beat yourself up. Take a nap, walk the dog, watch Downton Abbey. Today’s downtime can be tomorrow’s breakthrough.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Designer

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Designer

When you hire a designer, you’re trusting them with you- your image. And you’re paying good money for it. So here’s how you can get the most out of the design process:

1. Do Your Research

Find a designer who’s sense of taste and style is in sync with your own. A designer who’s portfolio is full or corporate clients might not be a good fit for your jewelry business. Someone who only advertises on Craigslist but has no website might be the cheaper route- but could end up costing you more in the future if they don’t deliver.

2.Create a Pinterest Board

I’ve had clients who come to me with no idea of what they want. I always suggest one thing: Go to the design category on Pinterest and create a board dedicated just to your brand. Pin things you like, and make notes for me on what you like about them. I start each project out with a mood board. This sets the tone for your overall look, and color palette. If I have a board of images that inspire your brand- I am more likely to create something that you will LOVE. As a designer, it’s so refreshing when a client truly knows who they are and what they want. A few hours on Pinterest, and I swear I will make a believer out of you on this!

3.Know Your Target Market

This is just good business advice in general, but it also applies to the design process. If you’re a high-end boutique selling fine jewelry, you don’t want a cheap, generic look. Unique and artistic describes your brand- and it also describes your client.

So, pop-quiz: If your client is unique and artistic, your logo should look?

4. Step Away.
Staring at the same word for five hours can get… weird. Letters start to blend together, every font looks like hell, and you start to curse whoever created the word “fresh” (or the letter f for that matter). Designers- you know what I’m talking about! This is when I have to step away. I can’t make font decisions when I’m wondering who I would have to call in order to eliminate an entire letter from the alphabet. Chances are, as the client, you’ve been something similar. Before making any decisions, I recommend doing the same thing I do as a designer- writing down your thoughts, then coming back a few hours, or even a day later. See if those thoughts still hold true. Then- let me know!  
5. Print It Out

Things just look different in print. This may not apply to you if you’re purely web based- but even blogs need business cards these days. So I highly recommend printing out your proofs and looking them over, both on the computer, and in old fashioned ink.

6. Get Feedback From Others

Once you’ve decided on what you like, and what you’d like to change, it never hurts to get another pair of eyes on things. Get 1 friend who’s style is similar to yours, and 1 who’s style you respect, but is different from yours. Get their opinions and weigh them against your own gut feelings.

7. Get Excited!

I’m excited to work with you. I’m excited to take your business name, and give it a visual identity. When you are excited about the process, it really helps me as a designer to feel like we are together in this! Graphic and Web design is definitely a collaboration- so it just makes sense that we would work better together if we’re both excited!