5 Free Watercolor Textures

5 Free watercolor textures!

I absolutely love working with watercolor textures in my designs- hence my new logo! November is the month where I say thank you to all of my wonderful readers. Your comments, and support is what keeps me going! I know I’m a little early, but I reeeeaaaly thankful, so I’m sharing this on with you now! Keep checking back for more free downloadable decor, gift tags (it’s that time of year!) and more stuff- from you to me for free! And, of course, to keep up with all of my free offers, please sign up for my newsletter- on the right hand side of this page at the top.

Click the download button below the file that you want to download. All textures are high resolution 5×7 inches. They are free for personal, or commercial use of any kind. Enjoy!


Download1348 downloads


Download530 downloads


Download536 downloads


Download672 downloads


Download455 downloads

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11 thoughts on “5 Free Watercolor Textures

  1. Thank you so much for your watercolors. I can use them in my dollhouse for either flooring or wall coverings.
    I use Mod Podge to give them body, strength and shine.

  2. Thank you! I, too, am in love with the look of watercolor. I cannot wait to incorporate these into the kids’ scrapbooks.

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