Moodboard: Rustic Glam

Shabby glam moodboard- love the hand lettering and rustic chic look of this branding! Shabby glam moodboard- love the hand lettering and rustic chic look of this branding!

I’m working with a client right now, who purchased my branding and website design package- full branding and blog design. I created this mood board in the beginning of our process, and just needed to share it! I love the dark and light, hand written details, and pops of color.

More to come next week as I finish up the branding and start on the web design! If you find that you’re brand needs a makeover, or you’re just starting out and want to consult with me, feel free to check out my design packages and contact me with any questions!

First Sneak Peek of The Blog Loft!

Online community for bloggers

Hey guys! I know I’ve been talking about this thing called The Blog Loft a lot, without really offering any visual information about it! So today I decided to share a sneak preview with you- of the community forums. This is by far my favorite aspect of The Blog Loft. A place where bloggers & business owners can come to collaborate. A place where you won’t have to pander to followers who just want to self promote- because icky self-promotion isn’t allowed! The Blog Loft is about forming real connections and changing the value of a follower.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve dealt with a death in my family, and preparing to move to Belize on October 5th. Emotional roller coaster much? I’m still pushing to launch the site on September 22nd. And it will happen. I’m almost there. But I need your help to push this community towards it’s true potential. Here’s how you can help:

Show The Blog Loft off to your friends, and tell them to join you!


This community is going to be an amazing place to connect with other bloggers and form collaborations. Can’t wait for the launch on Sept. 22nd! Tweet This!


Frustrated with trying to find people to collaborate with your blog? The Blog Loft is going to change that. Launching Sept. 22nd. Tweet This!


So pumped for The Blog Loft to launch on Sept. 22nd! Meet and collaborate with other bloggers! Tweet This!


Sign up to our pre-launch mailing list.

Come September 22nd, chances are you’re going to be busy. Cause you know, you have a life! I don’t expect you to sit around twiddling your thumbs waiting for The Blog Loft to launch. Sign up here and I’ll send you a reminder!

Like The Blog Loft on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter


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Why do I say us? I’m not sure, it just sounds right. Although it’s only me running things at the moment, I feel like The Blog Loft belongs to all of us, and I can’t wait to grow the team.


Write a guest post for The Blog Loft

Introduce yourself, and your blog to a community of knowledge hungry creatives. The Blog Loft will be a community led by all of us.I can’t wait to hear all of your ideas and contributions. We each have something to offer. With our collective knowledge coming together in one place, we will all grow, and get better. That’s the driving force behind The Blog Loft. We’re going to build this community into an unstoppable force for success! If you’re interested in submitting a guest post- please contact me!

I’ve been surrounded by an insanely supportive online community, and I wanted to build a place where we could all sit down and talk, and drive each other towards success. I have so many plans for the future of this site, and from the very beginning I will be listening to all of your suggestions and ideas about what you want out of this community. Before I get too excited about the growth of the site- I guess I’d better get back to work so that it can actually launch! September 22nd- I’ll see you there!

The Blog Loft is an online community for bloggers- launching Sept. 22nd 2014!