Coming Soon: The Blog Loft: An Online Community For Bloggers and Creatives

An online community for female bloggers! How cool!

Hey! How are you? I’m great! I feel like we’ve never talked. We’ve never had a conversation here before, and that’s been bothering me. Because if you’re reading my blog- we probably have a lot in common. I’m guessing you’re a creative, solopreneur, blogger, or all of the above. I’ve been working away non-stop on a new project for people like us. People who want to grow their networks and build an amazing community.

I’m so excited to announce that this project is almost ready to launch! Welcome to The Blog Loft! 


Q:What is The Blog Loft?


A: An online community forum where you can connect and talk to other bloggers and creatives who are just like you!


People who get what it is that you do all day. Do you ever get tired of trying to explain “this blogging thing you do” to your family and friends- only to watch their eyes glaze over while they reach for their phones to play Angry Birds? My mom loves me to death, but, even she just-doesn’t-get-it.

At The Blog Loft, we all get it. And that’s the beautiful thing about this community. You can join real conversations about the things you love in real time. Not only can you chat with other creatives, but you can grow your network. The most exciting part of this is that the more you communicate- the better the community will be! It’s all about you, and what you bring to the table. You have the chance to grow like, real connections with people while you’re building a huge network around your blog and/or business. Doesn’t that kick ass? I think so!

Q: What Will I Get?


A: A whole new way to make connections, and build a network of followers and supporters online through real conversations.


Another huge part of this forum will be the the collaborations and guest post request sections. I really want to see bloggers coming together, working together, and creating together. I want to see what amazing things we can do when we collaborate. It’s really hard and intimidating to just “shoot someone an email” and hope that they’ll even respond. You don’t want to sound like a spammer- but you’d really like to work with them!

At The Blog Loft- I’ve turned that method around. You post your collaboration ideas- and people come to you- asking you if they can be a part of your awesome idea.


Same with guest posting. You want to guest post, or have someone guest post on your blog- put up a request and they come to you.

Q: Where do I sign Up?

A: Here

You can also follow The Blog Loft on Facebook  & Twitter! But possibly the best thing you can do is share with your friends by clicking the “Tweet This” link at the bottom of this post. I can promote this until my fingers fall off- but if you want your followers to join you in this community- let them know it exists!

I haven’t officially launched the forum yet- I’m doing a lot of work on the backend trying to get it all ready and pretty for you. But you can sign up now to be in the loop when we do officially launch! Sign up, and I’ll let you know everything you need to know about becoming a member in the next couple of weeks. All I’ll leave you with now is that It’s going to be EPIC- and you don’t wanna miss out!

The Blog Loft: An online community for bloggers and creatives. This is going to be epic! Tweet this

Your Kickass Brand Series 01

Kickass brand blog series. Learn how to make your brand kick ass!


I love branding. It’s like- my favorite thing. And I love business. I love talking about business. I really really want your business to thrive. I want you to succeed because I know that you have something great to offer the world that only you can offer. I write a lot about business, marketing, and blogging, but I realized that there was one- glaringly obvious thing missing. Branding! How can you run a successful biz if you don’t have your branding shit together? You can’t. So today I’m kicking off Your Kickass Brand series.

I plan to offer useful information backed up by real research (that’s right- I’m reading & researching scholarly journals, studies, and articles- and decoding them with my brain- for you.)

Maybe your blog or business has been going strong for a while, and you think you have a solid brand. Maybe you do. But maybe this series will help you step it up a notch, and that’s what I’m going for here. I want to see businesses and blogs everywhere step it up to a new level. Myself included.

In today’s world, anyone’s cat can start a blog or online business. So don’t expect to just set up a blog, take some photos of your products, and wow people. You’re better than that. Tweet this


I work online, and so naturally, I waste a lot of time online too. It just….takes a lot to wow me these days. I see a lot of internet all day. And your readers do too. It takes your words, your story, your photos, and your design elements all neatly packaged together in a way that’s so authentically you. Notice that I placed design at the end. Because most people think that great design = great branding. Not so.

Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be.  –  Tweet this


So what are some new ideas that you can use to make your brand stand out? For today, all I want you to do is:

Ask yourself: What is the first thing I want people to notice about my blog or business when they come to my website? (Please tell me you have a website! If not, I can help with that!) Then I want you to ask yourself- what do I want people to FEEL when they come to my website? Tweet this


Tell me in the comments below what you want people to think/feel about your brand?!

New Work: Cates Custom Hat Company Branding and Web Design

Cates Custom Hat Company Branding by Eyes Of Style

Layce of Cates Custom Hat Company emailed me in late June, saying that she was in need of some custom brand styling, and web design. I was intrigued by her business, which has been in her family for three generations! She carries on her grandfather’s legacy by creating custom handmade leather cowboy hats for real life ranchers and riders. I was bringing a three generation family business online for the first time- so naturally I was excited.

When Layce told me what she was looking for, I was instantly inspired. Her words of choice to define her brand were “Rustic Glam.” Although her customer base has been mostly male, it was important to her that her brand reflect who she was. “I am all girl,” she said in one of our emails, and I thought that was not only amazing, but very smart.

The feminine aesthetic that was brought out in her design really compliments the product photography, and appeals to a broader audience with a rustic, neutral color palette. This branding package definitely sets her apart from her male competitors. Instead of masking, or shying away from her femininity, we brought pieces of her personality into her brand. After all- she is creating one of a kind, handmade hats. These are works of art, and the artist’s story is just as important as the work itself.

I started with a few rustic concepts for the logo, and the branding process was propelled from there. The font in the final logo was carried through the branding materials and website, along with a few rustic floral details and modern typographical layouts. I’m so happy with how it all turned out, and the whole experience was definitely a fun one for me!


Branding by Eyes Of Style

Branding design by Eyes of StyleWebsite design by Margo Snyder at Eyes Of Style



Need a designer look for your business with a touch of style? I can help you with that! Contact me today or view my portfolio!