I’ve Moved- Sort Of



Hey ladies and gents, I’m stopping by real quick to let you know about my new knitting blog: Margo Knits  (creative name, I know)! I will still be blogging here at Eyes Of Style, but the focus will be more on my business and design work. I felt like this blog was splitting into two directions, which doesn’t agree with my need for organization- so I made another blog for my knitting.

I’ve put up a couple of new, free patterns and am getting an insane amount of traffic for a brand new blog, so I think it’s going well! I decided to use the blogger platform to test out my Black and White blogger theme, and also get used to the interface since I will be designing blogger themes. It’s a simple blog that doesn’t require a whole lot of bells and whistles, so I figured blogger was the best platform for this blog.

Eventually I will design a custom logo for my knitting blog, but for now I’m really loving the look of the Black and White theme for it.

Free Photo Collage Download

Free photo collage layout for bloggers, photographers, and designers!

Collages make great visual tools when blogging, or presenting your work to clients. You can use them for inspiration boards, client- moodboards, portfolio layouts, or everyday blog posts! I think a great picture layout adds something special to a blog post. It makes content easier to get to- as someone who doesn’t always have the patience to scroll through 20 pictures to get to the point- collages are a great use of space. They get as much information in front of the reader with as little work as possible on their end. And I think little things like that can make a big difference in a site’s overall readability and user friendliness.

Say you’re a lifestyle blogger and you want to share photos of all the things you did this week with your kids. The reader can look at your collage, and then actually read your content- because the story was told to them in pictures about 10 seconds faster than if they’d scrolled to the bottom of your page! Just some thoughts on my end that lead me to start a new project.

This will be the first collage layout in a series of many that I plan so share here over the next few weeks, and maybe even months (as it turns out I love making collages)! Also, I’m offering 10 more free collages to all of my subscribers, so sign up by May 30th and get 10 free collages delivered to your inbox! These will be different from others that I will share here on the blog, and higher resolution versions will be included as well.

* You must have adobe photoshop to edit this template

Beginner Crochet Blanket

Easy and cute beginner crochet blanket FREE pattern!

After 2 70 degree days, it seems only natural that we’d get hit with some snow today. Seriously, when can I put away my boots?! Anyways,  I thought today would be the perfect day to share my latest pattern with you!

I cheated on my knitting, and learned how to crochet a few weeks ago. It was a thrill! Well, it was, you know, thrilling in the way that pulling loops through other loops on a stick is thrilling. Something only knitters/crocheters can understand!

This is a simple blanket, the finished product ended up being a little larger than 5×7′ and taking about 11 skeins of “I Love This Yarn” from Hobby Lobby. I decided to go with a fun blue tweed and a mustard yellow. I love the way it turned out! I’m sitting under it right now near my fireplace trying to pretend I’m in Belize.

I really like doing long projects in the summer, since I’m not eager to use them, I can take my time on bigger projects that can last me a long time. It also keeps me away from the yarn store, which is working out well for my bank account!

Since this was my first project, I used some cheap yarn called “I love This Yarn”. I like that it’s machine washable (as you can see my doggie likes to take over any blankets and claim them as his own). So there was no way I could use something more expensive.

If you want to make your own crochet blanket, it’s really easy! You just need to know:


Single Crochet

Double Crochet

How to change colors (optional)

You can use as many colors as you want for the stripes- this pattern would also look great in a solid color.

You will need: 

Size US: I9 (5.5mm) crochet hook

About 11-12 skeins of worsted “I Love This Yarn”

(about 3,300 yards? That seems like a lot, I apologize I didn’t really keep count.)


Ch 180 sts. (This is the width of your blanket)

1.sc 10 rows with mc

2. ch 2, turn. dc 2 rows

3. (switch colors) ch1, turn. sc 10 rows

*Final Stripe: With MC sc 10 rows, Dc 2 rows, Sc 5 rows.

Repeat rows 2 & 3 until blanket reaches desired length. It’s a very simple pattern that you can do with as many colors as possible!

To download the pattern for print: Click below!

FREE beginner crochet blanket pattern