Leather Tassels Scarf

DIY leather tassel scarf with tutorial on how to add leather fringe!

Hey there! I think I just made my favorite DIY project ever! I’ve been picturing a scarf with leather fringe in my head for a while, and I finally made it happen. I love how it turned out, and have been wearing it almost every day! First of all, I needed a stitch that would look good with my thick and thin gray yarn, and I came upon the star stitch. It’s a beautiful, and easy to follow pattern that creates stitches that remind me of a lotus flower. Once I finished the scarf, I realized that it needed something. I had bought the salmon colored leather a while ago on Ebay and the lightbulbs just went off! This scarf is very easy to knit, but you can update an old scarf with leather fringe without any knitting skills! All you need is a crochet hook (to pull the tassels through), a 12″x12″ piece of leather, (.7mm or thinner) and some scissors.

DIY leather fringe scarf


1. Cut your leather into thin, even strips. Insert your crochet hook through the front of your scarf on the bottom stitch. (If your scarf is double sided it doesn’t matter which side you put the tassels on, the star stitch is not double sided). Place 1 piece of leather on the crochet hook, and pull through to the front, making a loop with the leather.

DIY leather tassels scarf

DIY leather fringe scarf via Eyes Of Style




2. Make sure the 2 ends of the leather line up evenly, then pull them up through the loop to make a knot, then pull down tightly to secure. Be careful not to pull too tightly on your scarf, as it could cause the stitches to become uneven. Just make sure the leather is secure.

3. Continue adding fringe, one piece at a time until your scarf is full! My scarf took about 42 pieces of leather, cut from a 12×12″ piece, and I still had about 4″ leftover! My scarf is about 6″ wide and 70″ long.

And here is the free knitting pattern if you are interested in knitting your own star stich scarf! I used a bulky yarn that had some thick and thin parts. You can find it here.

Materials for scarf:

Size US 10.5 (6.5mm) knitting needles. (You might find the star stitch tight to knit if you are a tighter knitter- you could go up a needle size or 2 if you need.)

4 50g. skeins Ice Peru Alpaca Super Bulky Roving Yarn 

Darning needle for weaving in ends.

You need to know:

How to cast on

Knit Stitch

Star Stitch: See this video for a great visual


CO: Cast On

K: Knit

MS: Make Star (Purl 3 together without slipping stitches off left needle. Yarn over, purl 3 together again and slip the 3 stitches off left needle.) See this video by Vicki Howell to see it in action!

Cast on 25 stitches

Row 1: K

Row 2: P1 (MS, P1) repeat to end

Row 3: K

Row 4: P3, MS, (P1, MS) repeat to last 3 stitches, P3

Repeat these 4 rows until your scarf reaches its desired length. Bind off stitches with your preferred method, and weave in ends.

Note: I washed my scarf before adding the tassels to soften up the fabric. Hand wash scarf portion only, take care to keep the leather as dry as possible (one downside to this scarf I guess is that it’s a little more difficult to wash, but I don’t mind- it’s totally worth it!).


DIY Leather Tassel Scarf


I think the leather fringe really gives this scarf a wow factor. The star stitch is beautiful- but it can easily end up looking a little “grannyish” or frumpy with regular yarn tassels. I like adding something unexpected to keep my knitting fresh, current, and young. What do you think? Will you be trying out a little leather fringe this season?


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    I love your project for this scarf! It’s absolutely adorable. I am the editor of AllFreeKnitting.com and would love to feature your tutorial on my site with full credit to you. I’ve noticed you have some other great projects on your site, and I would love to link to all of your other free knitting patterns as well. I know my readers would just love them and in return would generate some nice traffic to your site. If you agree and would like us to feature your project and/or other free projects, our readers will simply click the link to your blog to get your full tutorial. It’s really that simple. Your project will look similar to this project already on my site:


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    • Margo says

      Hi Julie,
      I would love for my projects to reach as many people as possible- yes! Please feel free to use any of my images you need as well. Thanks!


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