Cable Crown Headband

Free pattern! Big cable knit headband

I call this one the “crown headband” because it’s so big, it kind of looks like a crown. Kind of a winter interpretation of the flower crown trend. It’s a really simple pattern, and is a great way to practice cables! I get compliments on mine a lot, and am currently knitting some in other colors as gifts (for myself).

Note: This pattern starts with a provisional cast on with waste yarn, and is finished with a 3 needle bind off. If you prefer to just sew the seams together at the end, then just cast normally with your working yarn.


Lion Brand Hometown USA super bulky yarn

US Size 13/9.0mm knitting needles

Cable needle or DPN

Darning needle for sewing seams and/or weaving in ends

waste yarn (you can just use some yarn from the skein of hometown USA, or use a contrasing color super bulky yarn to make it easier to see)



CO: Cast on

K: knit

P: purl

C6F: Cable 6 front (sl next 3 stitches to CN & hold in front, k 3, k3 from CN)

C6B: Cable 6 back (sl next 3 stitches onto cn & hold in back, k3, k3 from cn)

sl: slip

sts: stitches

cn: cable needle


Provisional cast on 11 stitches with waste yarn, or if you prefer not to use the provisional cast on method, just cast on your stitches as normal, and you will sew your seam together at the end.

Row 1: K11

Row 2: k1 P9 K1

Row 3: k1 C6F (sl next 3 stitches to CN & hold in front, k 3, k3 from CN), k4

Row 4: k1 p9 k1

Row 5: k 11

Row 6: k1, p9, k1

Row 7: k4,C6B (sl next 3 stitches onto cn & hold in back, k3, k3 from cn), k1

Row 8: k1, p9, k1

Repeat rows 1-8 until desired length- (about 18-19 ” is good for a 20-21″ head, this headband will stretch when worn a couple times. )

Remove waste yarn, and place stitches on needle. Use 3 needle bind off to seam headband. You can watch a great video on how to do a 3 needle bind off here If you chose not to use the provisional cast on, then just sew the seams together. Weave in ends and enjoy your crown, you’ve earned it!

Free pattern! Big cable knit headband

Free knitting pattern



Photography by Carrie harmon of Open N Shut Photo

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13 thoughts on “Cable Crown Headband

  1. Hey am a bit confused. Surely it’s repeat 3-7 not 1-8? Otherwise I get bands of knit in between the cable so the cable doesn’t continue? I’m a beginner with cable! The beginning looks really good but then when I do it third time round it goes weird. Please help! I love the designs though!

    • Hi Laura,
      knitting rows 1-8 shouldn’t give you any bands of knit in between the cables, maybe you accidentally skipped a row? I always have to use an app on my phone to keep track of what row I’m on otherwise I forget. But the pattern should be correct because if you do rows 1-8 then start over at 1, you are ending with a purl row, and starting with a knit row which will give you stockinette. Let me know if that makes sense! Thanks for your question!

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