Not Feelin It

Guys- I have to admit something. I’m going to be committing craft blogger blasphemy here, but I need you to know the truth: I’m just not in the holiday sprit this year. I think it’s because time has been flying by so fast, the holidays are here- and I’m not ready. Nor am I going to be. I’ve gotten my shopping done, but that’s it. Our house is totally void of any decorations that I can turn into a pretty blog post to show you!

Honestly, if I was to do a Christmas decor DIY project, my heart just wouldn’t be in it. I have SO many ideas for DIY’s, and this year Christmas decor just isn’t in the cards- which is fine because chances are you’ve already decorated anyways! I’m really excited to spend time with my family, and relax for a few days, and then get back to work. I will probably be absent from blogging between Christmas & New Years- while I work on some cool January DIY projects, and figuring out my goals for the new year!

I have a lot of fashion and jewelry DIY projects that I’m just aching to do- but I think they are best saved for that time of year when the holidays are over, and you’re like- what now? Oh! I’ll make this cool _________. ¬†Anyways, while I scramble to put up my tree and wrap presents, I hope you have a happy holiday- and get ready for the New Year- because we’re gonna get productive!

I’m starting on my New Year goals now- so that I can share some new ideas I’ve been playing around with for this blog. In January, I’m going to be opening up a little more about my story of failings as a small business owner- and invite you along in the journey with me to being more productive and successful in 2014! I’m thinking along the lines of more motivational posts for small business owners, more free stuff for you, and more DIY projects of course! So until the New Year- have a very merry whatever you celebrate! Now here are some pretty pictures from people who have their shit together this holiday season!



Check out Kelly’s mantel over at View Along The Way! So chic and current- but still classically Christmas.


Gather inspiration for your holiday table from this amazing setting styled by Lauren Kelp!


Check out this tree made of recycled paper featured over at Pop Sugar! Probably my favorite DIY of this season!


We will be attempting to re-create these reindeer cupcakes tonight with Larry’s mom! Check them out over at With Sprinkles On Top.

Ombre ornaments

From last year- but still so cool! Ombre ornaments by Jenn at Ambrosia Creative.


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    Really gorgeous post!!

    I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award! Given to bloggers from bloggers.

    If you fancy accepting or want a bit more information, feel free to head over to my last post and take a look :)

    I hope you’re having a merry christmas!!


    Faded Windmills

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