Quickie Halloween Decor

On a budget, don’t have a lot of time, but still want to be festive? I’ve got a couple of quickie crafts up my sleeve that will help you out this spooky season. For the first craft, all you need is a foam wreath, a package of those spider webs with spiders in them, and a glue gun. Wrap the spider webs around the wreath, gluing it down as you go, and place the spiders where you like them. Boom- halloween wreath!

The second “craft” is also pretty self explanatory. You just print some spooky photos from a google image search, print and put them in frames. We did this one year for a halloween party, and all of our guests commented on how spooky it was! I did these crafts last year for my old blog Craft Pond- and they’ve been some of my most popular posts! Sometimes the simplest, cheapest things that are right in front of you make the best crafts. I’m all about a quick 10 minute project! What are some of your favorite crafts for Halloween?

10 minute halloween wreath

Quick halloween decor!

DIY Clay Bead Necklaces


DIY clay layered necklacesDIY clay beads necklaces

I’ve been on a clay kick lately. There’s so much you can make from it! I bought everything I needed to make these pretty clay pendant necklaces in one trip to Hobby Lobby. I actually bought the clay for another project, then I saw these “cookie cutters” and had to buy them. Here’s what you need:

  • Polymer clay in your choice of color- I chose white with gold flecks.
  • Necklace Chain ( I used 1 16″ chain and 1 20″ chain for a layering effect)
  • Jump rings
  • Jewelry Pliers
  • Clay “cookie cutters” (I don’t know what they’re actually called- they’re in the clay section at Hobby Lobby)
  • Xacto Knife
  • Needle (larger size so that your jump rings can fit right through the hole in your clay beads)

DIY Clay bead necklaces



Roll out your clay. I don’t own a rolling pin so I took the blade out of my x-acto and used it as a roller thingy.

Make sure your clay is about 1/4″ thick. Cut out your little shapes.

DIY clay beads


Gently push your clay shapes out of the cutters with your pinky finger or a soft tool. Then poke holes with the needle.

DIY clay beads


Bake at 350 F degrees for about 15 minutes. Keep an eye on these, they’re tiny and they burn easily. (I burned my first batch, and ended up painting them gold instead of wasting them.) Put your jumprings through the holes, and place on the chains. Enjoy your new necklaces! I love mine- I want to go buy more colors of clay and make a set in every color- and at only $2 per pack of clay, why not?! I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial, please follow me on Facebook or Bloglovin to stay up to date with my shenanigans and tutorials!

DIY clay beads necklaces