DIY I-Cord Necklace

icord necklace DIY

DIY I-cord necklace

DIY anthropologie inspired i-cord necklace


I had a little leftover yarn from a hat that I recently knit (pattern coming soon!) and I just couldn’t stand to let it go to waste. So I decided to make a simple necklace with and i-cord and a strand of beads I’ve had sitting around for months. Selfie Alert- I didn’t feel like putting up my tri-pod for photos, so I hand-held my DSLR for selfies. It was… interesting.

You can make this necklace using any materials you can dream up, it’s a very versatile piece, and I love the combination of the soft fibers and the rough gemstone nuggets.

Here’s how I made the necklace:

You will need:

Yarn (you need to know how to knit to make an i-cord, but this necklace can easily be adapted to add rope instead)

2 double pointed knitting needles. (I used Cascade superwash 128 yarn and size US 10/6 mm double pointed needles)

Beads of your choice ( I used white howlite nuggets I bought on ebay)

Bead caps (bought at Jo Ann Facbrics)

Beading wire (I use Beadalon brand)

Glue (hot glue gun or any tube of quick drying superglue will work)



Crimp beads

2 pairs jewelry pliers

1 jewelry wire cutter


1. Knit an i cord by casting on 4 sts. K4, then slide the sts. to the other end of the needle and continue knitting. Continue in this way until your i-cord reaches your desired length.

2. Once your i-cord is complete, cut about 5″ of wire and thread it through the end of your i-cord. Bend the wire so it criss-crosses over eacother, and make a loop with each side of the wire using your jewelry pliers. (This tutorial may be helpful for a visual)

3. Place some glue into your bead cap, and thread the wire holding the i-cord through the bead cap.

4.  Make a loop with each side of the wire using your jewelry pliers. (This tutorial may be helpful for a visual) wrap excess wire around loops and trim wire so that it doesn’t stick out.

5. Repeat this for the opposite side of the i-cord.

6. Begin your beaded portion by placing a crimp bead onto your beading wire, and then the clasp. Make a loop around the clasp through the crimp bead and squeeze the crimp bead with your pliers. Trim excess wire from the short end. Put half of your beads onto this strand, then use this same method to attach this side of the necklace to the i-cord portion. Steps shown below.

Repeat step 6 for the opposite beaded side.

how to make a beaded necklace with a clasp

how to make a beaded necklace with a clasp

how to make a beaded necklace with a clasp

how to make a beaded necklace with a clasp

how to make a beaded necklace with a clasp

how to make a beaded necklace with a clasp

DIY i cord necklace

DIY I-cord necklace


Snail Mail Collective


I want to tell you about a really cool thing I recently participated in in the “blogosphere” (promise that’s the last time I’ll say blogosphere). It’s called the Snail Mail Collective. You may have already heard of it, it’s spreading like wildfire across the blogosphere. Oops- I said it again! Every month, you can sign up to be paired with another blogger as a sort of “pen pal”. They try to pair everyone with someone from a different country or region than you. Over the period of 2 weeks, you get to know them through their blog, emailing, and any other social networky thingys you’re tuned into.  Then the fun part- you send each other a small gift and a postcard! The gift is valued at $5 to keep it affordable, and doable for everyone! It is so much fun to get to know a complete stranger from another part of the world, and then send them something you think they will like!

I was paired with Holly who blogs over at English Girl Canadian Man. Holly, like me, likes to craft, knit, and live a calm, quiet life. I love reading her blog and keeping up with her experiences as an English girl, living in Canada! She sent me the best gift- it was so unique and captured my personality so well! I mean, every girl likes bath products so that was a total win- and the scent she got me was so yummy! She also made me such a thoughtful necklace, and it came packaged in a hand knit drawstring bag which I will be learning how to do ASAP! Great holiday wrapping idea!

It felt so cool to receive something handmade- and I’ve gotten compliments on the necklace every time I wear it. She got the sea glass from a local beach and the leaf from her yard. I literally have a really cute piece of Canada around my neck as I write this post. If you want to sign up for the Snail Mail Collective, you should! You can find more info about it at one of my favorite blogs: The Nectar Collective.



I received Holly’s gift and knew I wanted to give her something handmade as well. I knitted up this chunky turban style headband, (free pattern coming soon!) and gave her these friendship bracelets that I made a while back. I’ve had no one to give them to, not for lack of friends, but they just don’t match any of my friends’ style. I have my own matching set in gold.




I will definitely be participating in The Snail Mail Collective again- probably after the holidays. I am just really bad about getting to the post office (which is 3 minutes away from my house. Nope that’s not a typo, it’s 3 minutes away. Why is it so hard for me to get there? I don’t know. I guess I just hate the post office?) so I don’t want to commit to anything until all the holiday hustling is over with.

DIY Y Statement Necklace

DIY Statement Necklace


A couple of weeks ago, I made this gemstone statement necklace, and am finally getting around to sharing it! It was so easy- it only took about 15 minutes. You can create this necklace with any color beads or chain. For all of you early Christmas DIY’ers this year- this necklace makes a great gift! Sit down with a girlfriend, a bottle of wine, relax, and make something pretty! I used amazonite gemstones that I bought on Ebay for $7.00 (including shipping!) I already had the chain and everything else on hand, so this was a very budget friendly project.

Materials: Beads, Chain, Beadalon stringing wire, head pin, clasp, jump ring, end cap bead.

DIY Statement Necklace


Step 1:

Place crimp bead on wire, loop end through crimp bead, and squeeze the crimp bead with your pliers.

How to make a beaded necklace

Step 2: Open a jump ring with your pliers, place on wire loop that you just made, and close the jump ring with your pliers.





Step 3: String your beads onto your beading wire, making your end cap bead the last bead. Then place a crimp bead on the end of your wire, and close. Do not make a loop at this end.





Step 4: Place a clasp on your chain by opening a jump ring, looping it through the clasp, and the chain, then closing the jump ring. Then attach the middle of the chain to the jump ring on your beaded strand.



The finished product will look like one long strand of beads going right down the middle of your top. It’s a different shape that you don’t see all the time. You can play around with length, and the size of your beads to make the piece bolder, or more minimal. I love the colors of this necklace- they remind me of the caribbean- my favorite place in the world. I hope you enjoyed the 4 step necklace- let me know how yours turns out! If you have any questions about this tutorial- I am always glad to help, just leave me a note in the comments and I will get back to you soon! To follow me, and get more great DIY’s like this one- please sign up for my newsletter at the top left of the blog!

Side note: I recommend that if you are using heavy beads or gemstones like I did, that you spring for the more expensive beading wire that can hold more weight- the cheap stuff tends to break.